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The value of an industry-led initiative

Industry groups play an important role in helping create mentally healthy workplaces. Initiatives to support mental health created by an industry, for that industry can create powerful results.

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Industry-level groups

Broadly, industry is a group of organisations or people doing similar work. Examples include: 

  • large groups of people involved in a common supply chain or service (e.g. anyone working in the transport and logistics industry) 
  • specific types of professions (e.g. hairdressers)  
  • a range of professionals working in a common area (e.g. a sporting code) 
  • organisations with similar work profiles (e.g. national employers, small businesses). 

Why industry-led initiatives are valuable  

Industry-led initiatives to creating mentally healthy workplaces can have unique advantages over approaches led by single organisations or individuals: 

  • Reach: By using existing channels and networks, industry-led initiatives can quickly reach large audiences.  
  • Credibility: Being led and championed from within the industry creates a credibility that generic programs may not achieve.  
  • Relatability: Initiatives designed and tailored for specific needs and groups can use language and approaches that are more relatable.  
  • Consistency: Bringing consistency of approaches or interventions across an industry can help ensure that positive change happens uniformly. It can also create opportunities for industry-wide measurement of activity and outcome.  
  • Collective power: From pooled resources to power in numbers, a shared voice can also influence broader reform such as policy, funding, training standards or board decisions.  
  • Knowledge: Industry leaders understand their sector and the current and future issues impacting mental health at work. They know what has worked in the past, and what has not.  
  • Support: Industry-led initiatives can also influence mental health within supply chains and small businesses who work closely alongside larger organisations.  


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