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Assisting workers with relocation: Porsche

Find out how Porsche supports staff relocating, both interstate and overseas.   

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  • Porsche found staff relocations had a high failure rate within the first 12 months. So, it improved support for workers who relocated interstate or overseas.  
  • Supports are available before the move, for the move, after the move, and for the return home - if relevant.  
  • Supporting a worker’s partner and family is crucial.  

Porsche Cars Australia operates around Australia, employing over 70 people. It found staff relocations had a high failure rate within the first 12 months, so the company took proactive steps to improve support for relocated workers, both interstate and overseas.  

“Start early – plan and prepare, and if relevant, focus on the whole family.” Scott Harris, Head of Human Resources 

Porsche’s new approach supports all phases of the relocation process: 

  • Prepare – Porsche developed an introduction booklet for the worker and their family that explains the basics, e.g. how the move will affect the worker, their partner and children, family plans, lifestyle choices, assignment length.  
  • Look and see – Workers and their families travel to the new destination so they can see the city, meet the teams and understand local supports available.  
  • Move – Porsche provides logistical support, e.g. home search, bank accounts, tax requirements, schools. It’s a good idea for the worker to move first and get settled and then bring their family.  
  • Post move – Regular family events, e.g. family days and social events, help new families connect with others. Support partners with their aspirations, e.g. education, work.  
  • End of placement – If this is relevant, plan early. Porsche again provides logistical support.  

Porsche has identified some lessons for others: 

  • Pre-planning is vital. Start discussions early and have checklists for all family members, including children, about hobbies and preferences, to see what they want from the move.  
  • Moves within Australia need less external support, but some assistance is still recommended, e.g. temporary accommodation and support to find schools.  
  • A good starting point is to develop and share a handbook. Include relevant websites and resources, so the worker and their family can start their research early. Circulate this with staff who have moved before to find out what they wanted to know when they relocated.    
  • Transport, Postal and Warehousing
  • All locations
  • Published 15 Dec 2022
  • Updated 25 Jul 2023