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Understanding the challenges facing small business owners: Julie Muir 

Learn how Julie Muir, entrepreneur and small business owner, faced challenges like isolation and post-performance depression.   

Julie Muir
  • Celebrant and small business owner Julie Muir has experienced challenges facing many entrepreneurs and small business owners, such as depression, anxiety and imposter syndrome.   
  • Isolation and long, irregular work hours were key issues for Ms Muir. As a celebrant, she also experienced ‘post-performance depression or post-show blues’.     
  • Ms Muir found several strategies helped improve her mental health and wellbeing. She shared her experience with industry peers. And a business advisor she found through the Business Connect program offered support and helped her manage imposter syndrome.  

Julie Muir – celebrant and small business owner – knows first-hand that small business owners and entrepreneurs are often vulnerable to stress, depression and anxiety. Isolation and long, irregular work hours are among the pressures faced.  

Ms Muir usually works at home as she prepares for events. Long hours, often in the evening and on weekends, affect her family life. The high-pressure event environment can lead to what Ms Muir describes as ‘post-performance depression or post-show blues’, leaving her fatigued, anxious and lacking motivation. And because she works alone, she does not have the same supports available to people who work in team-based environments.   

Needing to do something to improve her mental health and wellbeing, Ms Muir reached out to industry peers. She knew she needed to be open and vulnerable about the challenges she faced. By reaching out to the community around her, she developed a support system for herself and became a support for others.   

“Until you hear other business owners publicly voicing their doubts, it is tough to know how they work, how difficult they find certain tasks or how much they doubt themselves.” Julie Muir, Celebrant and small business owner  

Key to Ms Muir’s approach was finding a mentor/business advisor through the NSW Business Connect program. The program provides advice, learning events and resources for small businesses. Ms Muir was put in touch with a representative from Creative Business Plus who provided business support and practical strategies. 

Drawing on her experience, Ms Muir has some lessons for small business owners:  

  • Establish a support system by connecting with peers and engaging a business advisor. 
  • Document what you can improve after each project and collate positive accomplishments you can refer to when you need.  

“As a small-business owner, my mental health and wellness are essential to staying productive and creative in my business.” Julie Muir, Celebrant and small business owner  

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  • NSW
  • Published 25 Jul 2023
  • Updated 25 Jul 2023