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Small Business Guides to Mentally Healthy Workplaces: Protect

This resource outlines how small business owners and workers can protect themselves and others from work-related risks to mental health.  

Contributed by National Mental Health Commission.

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About this resource

From this guide, you will learn that:

  • All small business owners have legal obligations relating to maintaining the psychological health and safety of those working in their business.  

  • There are many mental health hazards and risks in the workplace that you and your team should be protected from. 

  • By identifying the hazards and risks in your workplace, you can put plans in place to manage and minimise them, creating a better work environment for yourself and your team.  

Contributed by

National Mental Health Commission

Providing evidence and advice, and acting as a catalyst for change to continuously improve Australia’s mental health and suicide prevention systems.

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Did you find this information helpful?

Did you find this information helpful?

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