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Measuring mentally healthy workplaces: A practical guide for medium to large organisations

Get practical guidance on measuring how mentally healthy your workplace is.

Contributed by National Mental Health Commission.

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About this resource

Creating a mentally healthy workplace needs high-quality data on risks, hazards, resources and controls that highlights the areas for action, what’s working and where your organisation needs to do more work.

This guide outlines the benefits of measuring workplace mental health and provides practical guidance on the types of data you can use, and how to use that data to identify actions, make the case for change and monitor progress. You will find example indicators and tips on:

  • keeping it manageable
  • using existing data
  • gathering additional data
  • avoiding common pitfalls (e.g. survey fatigue, not relying on single indicators).

The guide was developed through the National Workplace Initiative.

Contributed by

National Mental Health Commission

Providing evidence and advice, and acting as a catalyst for change to continuously improve Australia’s mental health and suicide prevention systems.

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Did you find this information helpful?

Did you find this information helpful?

Helps you to

  • Protect
    mental health and wellbeing.
  • Promote
    the positive aspects of work.
  • Respond
    to support your team. 

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