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Measuring mentally healthy workplaces: A practical guide for small business and sole traders

If you are a small business or sole trader, follow some simple tips on measuring the mental health of your workplace.  

Contributed by National Mental Health Commission.

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About this resource

Having a mentally healthy workplace is just as important for small businesses and sole traders as it is for larger organisations. Measuring how mentally healthy your workplace doesn’t need to be hard. You probably already collect much of the data you need.

This guide outlines a simple process for measuring workplace mental health:

  • Identify your goals, so you know what data you need.
  • Create a data plan.
  • Use existing data sources as much as possible.
  • Interpret the data.

It outlines the benefits of measuring workplace mental health, and contains example indicators and data sources, and tips for success.

The guide was developed through the National Workplace Initiative.

Contributed by

National Mental Health Commission

Providing evidence and advice, and acting as a catalyst for change to continuously improve Australia’s mental health and suicide prevention systems.

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Did you find this information helpful?

Did you find this information helpful?

Helps you to

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    mental health and wellbeing.
  • Promote
    the positive aspects of work.
  • Respond
    to support your team. 

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