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Small Business Guides to Mentally Healthy Workplaces: Promote

This resource outlines how small business owners and workers can promote mental health by recognising and enhancing the positive aspects of work.  

Contributed by National Mental Health Commission.

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About this resource

From this guide you will learn that:

  • Putting strategies in place to promote wellbeing will help you and your team be more productive and engaged workers with the capacity to face challenges in the workplace.  

  • There are many ways to enhance the wellbeing of yourself and your team while at work. For example, improving workplace culture, building social connections and assessing job design.  

  • Your small business can impact many areas of your life, so you should be promoting your mental health both inside and outside the workplace by using wellbeing strategies and looking after yourself.  

Contributed by

National Mental Health Commission

Providing evidence and advice, and acting as a catalyst for change to continuously improve Australia’s mental health and suicide prevention systems.

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Did you find this information helpful?

Did you find this information helpful?

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